Artist Statement

My work investigates that part of people which has been lost in the abyss of cultural and political anesthesia, signified in binary narratives that are in persistent view and are mindlessly repeated to define the Other. The Other is de-facto included in our physical world but insidiously excluded from the moral realm through the inadmissibility of its suffering in collective memory. 

I seek to question this objectification of suffering that accentuates the social capacity to inflict pain while  trying to understand the glitches experienced by the Other through the burden of their memories. I do so by channeling the poetic charge and metaphoric resonance of the Other into materials like ash, clay and hair. This allows me to invoke generalities of bodies – dead, wounded, incarcerated – which apprehend the human condition enforced by war. 

I see body is an indelible relic that navigates the duality of fragility and persistence; and transience and permanence. In the visceral depiction of this body, I seek to investigate social worlds that are incommunicable and incommensurable to reproblematise the ordinariness of flesh and sensation against the extraordinariness of horror and violence. Deleuze inspires me to amplify what lurks behind idyllic facades as he states that “the human visage has not yet found its face”.